View Full Version : Growers could help

04-18-2003, 08:29 AM
Why don`t growers have little markers that say 'California Native' in their plants. I believe there are many people, like myself, who would choose native plants vs invasive non-native plants if they knew what they were buying. Lists of native plants are helpful but if they aren`t listed by common name with photos many beginners won`t be able to use them. That is my suggestion tot he cause.</p>

04-24-2003, 04:19 AM
Ann, Good Idea! Native Sons nursery who sells to many retail outlets Does have an Origin place on their plant ID tages. It tells you whether something is from Europe, Asia, South Africa, Chile OR California! If more nurseries did that it would be better by far. I have noticed some nurseries clump their natives together and that helps. Others put anything considered drought tolerant together and that helps a little as well. Nothing is a substitute for being acquainted with the plants themselves and having knowledgable staff who can tell you that California Pepper is really from South America and that the California Poppy you like is native to another part of the state and suggest the appropriate one for you! Perhaps that will come with time. Perhaps as natives become more popular your idea will become the norm and nurseries will mark their plants proudly as `California Native`. The next step would be to list the part of the state they are from! Thanks for your suggestion and I hope some nursery folks are looking in. Best-Dan</p>