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10-31-2017, 02:42 PM
The Presidio Trust is seeking four seasonal Biological Science Technicians. The Presidio is a unique national park located in San Francisco at the Golden Gate. The successful applicant will join a team of innovative land stewards working to restore wildlands and biodiversity to this diverse and changing landscape. On any given day at the Presidio, organizations are pursuing new ideas, scientists are conducting research, and people of all ages are volunteering, learning, playing and exploring. Hundreds of former military buildings are animated by more than 3,000 residents and 200 companies, including high tech start-ups, innovative non-profits and others that offer a welcoming mix of visitor experiences. The park has a mosaic of cultural and natural plant communities, including historic gardens and forests and restored and remnant wetlands, sand dunes, grasslands and salt marsh. Almost 400 native plant species grow here, several of which are endangered and grow nowhere else in the world.

Our ideal candidates are passionate about conducting field work in ecological restoration, volunteer management and inventorying, monitoring, and research. You have experience with the tools and practices of the trade, and an understanding of ecological science. You care for the Presidio, and enjoy establishing connections to the park through sharing your knowledge in plant and animal identification, wildlife management, and erosion control. You possess strong interpersonal skills and interact positively with the Presidio and local communities, including volunteers, colleagues, tenants and visitors.

Applications received by November 13, 2017 will receive first consideration. These are part-time (24 hours/week) seasonal positions not to exceed 6 months. These positions may be extended or rehired without further competition. We are planning to hold interviews beginning the week of November 20th, make job offers in early December, and set work start dates no later than January, 2018.


• Install and maintain native plants with attention to the ecological requirements of each species. Control invasive plants using a variety of methods, which may be modified for safety and for the appropriate technique for each species. Implement monitoring protocols to track rare plants and characterize plant communities at restoration and reference sites. Collect and organize field data for tracking work performed and as part of monitoring events.
• Assist with the tool inventory and maintenance program. Install, operate, and maintain resource management tools.
• Participate in the Integrated Pest Management Program at the Presidio, which may include using saws, weed whips, flamers and spraying herbicide if applicant has a Qualified Applicator’s Certificate from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.
• Provide advice, assistance, and training to students, student conservation assistants, and volunteers involved in resource management projects and field research.
• Provide information to other employees and visitors about the natural resource management program. May develop and present related interpretive programs to the public.
• Occasionally respond to special requests for assistance with other natural resource projects or programs.
• Work generally as a member of a field crew but may also lead volunteers or assist with volunteer programs. Some work may also be conducted alone.


• Excellent communication skills.
• Knowledge of established practices, procedures, and techniques of at least one biological science.
• Knowledge of routine natural resource management practices, methods, and procedures, and basic knowledge of related regulations.
• Knowledge of data collection techniques, including installation, operation, and maintenance of testing and sampling equipment.
• Ability to follow detailed sampling and laboratory procedures, train others to follow procedures, and recognize departures from established quality control/quality assurance guidelines.
• Basic understanding of natural resource management principles and techniques to support, understand, and relate results to the broader natural resources community.
• Ability to communicate information in a clear and concise manner, including the ability to develop reports and present information.
• Knowledge of database management, word processing, spreadsheets, data entry and specialized software programs essential to resource management activities.
• Strenuous physical activity is required including periods of standing, walking, climbing and lifting and carrying heavy objects. Some activities will occur in physically dangerous areas or settings. Required to perform repetitive tasks performed outside, sometimes in inclement weather and may require the use of power tools including chainsaws and the application of herbicide while wearing a Tyvek suit. Working in areas where poison oak grows may also be required. Documentary research and report writing work is sedentary, which entails the ability to concentrate and write for long periods of time.
• Field work includes exposure to extreme weather and terrain conditions, pesticides, poisonous plants, biting insects, snakes, and wild animals. Laboratory work may involve exposure to hazardous chemicals.


• Passion for parks; strong desire to work for the Presidio.
• Experience working in community-based natural resource and hands-on education programs.
• An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree is desirable.
• A Qualified Applicator’s Certificate, Category B


Our Natural Resources Program is a thought-leader within the ecological community and diligently manages native plant conservation and wildlife, monitors water quality and erosion, and conducts natural resources research, continually challenging conventional thinking and creating innovative solutions to improve the Park’s ecological health. We work closely with and share ideas with other innovative leaders in ecology, and engage our local communities in citizen science, ecosystem restoration, and the management of biodiversity within the park.

The Presidio Trust is an equal opportunity employer, offering a competitive benefits package. To apply call (415) 561-5300 (Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm) to request an application package, OR download the application from our website, www.presidio.gov, and mail the application to Human Resources, Presidio Trust, P.O. Box 29052, San Francisco, CA 94129-0052.