View Full Version : Unknown Death Valley Onagraceae

03-07-2016, 02:44 PM

Over the weekend (3/5/2016), I was out at Death Valley looking at wildflower. Near Travertine Springs, I encountered a plant that I did not initially identify in the field, but took photos of it (attached). I was not initially convinced that it was an Onagraceae but as I've closely reviewed the photos and keyed it out, I am convinced it is Eremothera boothii. However, it looks much different than the subspecies I am more familiar with. In fact, it looks like it may have leaf-like bracts, which the key then places into 3 potentially rare species all of which are late spring blooming. Is this just a decorticans/desertorum or something rarer like a boothii/alyssoides/intermedia? Is this even E. boothii in the first place?


Brian Bielfelt