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Eric LoPresti
01-12-2016, 04:17 PM
Native plant folks,

I am a graduate student at UC-Davis studying plant ecology. Iíve been working on a wonderful native mint, closely related to the genus Salvia, often called bluecurls or vinegarweed (Trichostema laxum). It is a small aromatic annual plant that will, under favorable conditions, grow to roughly 18Ē tall and produce thousands of small flowers. The whole plant smells rather like sweet herbed vinegar. In my experience, it makes a suitable drought-tolerant garden plant or a good container plant with minimal watering. It would be a perfect addition to native wildflower gardens here in California.

Populations at my study sites (in the coast range of Lake/Napa counties) have extremely variable flower colors and other characteristics. I am working in the lab on variation in variation in self-pollination, but I am also interested in the genetics behind the various colors. However, as flower color is not my main focus, I donít have space or time to grow out the many crosses necessary to determine the inheritance of these traits.


This is where YOU come in. Iíll send anyone who is interested a free packet of seeds (~25-50), directions for germinating the plant, and ask for a simple report on the flowers at the end of this growing season. Iím hoping to have seeds sent out by the first of March, which will give folks lots of time to get them ready come summer.

More information and an "order" form here: http://www.ericflopresti.com/the-trichostema-project.html

Eric LoPresti

01-27-2016, 02:15 PM
Info - Order form completed.