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11-04-2015, 04:10 PM
Perhaps one of the major challenges that I face in dealing with trying to grow mosses outside is finding the right kind of container in which to grow them. In Southern Coastal California, while many mosses can survive in the low humidity that dominate our southern weather, most can do well if grown in the protected confines of some kind of container.
I have found this out with my experiment in growing a moss species from Minnesota, Leucobryon glauca. I received this moss colony back in May, 2008, and placed it inside a plastic round container and then inside a plastic cake container from a local store. See the image below.
This has allowed the moss colony, which included a leafy liverwort, to flourish. Check the image below.
While the container system works great, it is large and round and takes up a lot of room on my lower bench. So I have been looking at various containers and have not been all that happy with most of them. Mainly because of the sizes are either too small or too tall and large. Another problem is how fast they become brittle even though in shade, some sun does hit them all at some point in the annual solar cycle. This results in cracking of the cover and subsequent dehydration of the contents as moisture is evaporated out of the container. For some the opposite occurs and the way the seam along the top and bottom of the container is such that water can flow into the container, flooding the test subjects. Great for algae but not for most mosses!
But I think that I have finally found DA ONE! And at Walmart too! A container system holding brownies!! Ah, temptation! The brownies are not bad except for the calorie count but the container is uniquely constructed so that the cover acts as a lid with its sides making a seal along the sides of the bottom tray in which the brownies sit. This would solve the problem of flooding and the shape of a square would facilitate the use of space on the bench. Hopefully the plastic will be as durable as that of the plastic cake container!
See the 2 images below.