View Full Version : Many Wildflowers Blooming At Abbott's Lagoon, Pt. Reyes

Sandy S
07-06-2014, 09:10 AM
We hiked out to the lagoon, went over the bridge, hiked around the dunes and then went up to the bluff just before the bridge and continued a short distance along the fence and found many species of wildflowers in bloom today. Most plentiful were Marsh Hedge Nettle, Yarrow, California Poppies ( smaller this time of year and the very yellow coastal form), Yellow Sand-verbena and Gum Plant.

Twenty-one birds were identified. Most interesting were the White Pelicans flying back and forth, two Northern Harriers interacting and the many White-crowned Sparrows singing (to establish their territory I am guessing).

Butterflies and Dragonflies were also active. Butterflies identified were Mylitta Crescent, Coronis Fritillary, Cabbage White, either a West Coast or Painted Lady, and a dark Checkerspot. Also seen were Black-tailed deer. There were also reports of otters, which we did not see.

To see photos, a detailed plant list and bird list go to: Abbott's Lagoon 7/5/14 (http://naturalhistorywanderings.com/2014/07/06/abbotts-lagoon-pt-reyes-flowers-birds-and-more-7514/)