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Sandy S
06-28-2014, 11:45 PM
I just returned from six days in the Northern Sierra in the Yuba Pass/Lakes Basin area.

I made a brief stop at Yuba Pass Meadow (6/21/14) which was much drier than last time I was there. There are still flowers in bloom but only the woodland ones are probably still looking fresh by now.

More rewarding was a walk up the beginning of the Frazier Falls trail (6/21/14). Many flowers were in bloom here.

The best spot of the trip was yesterday's walk up the trail from Packer Saddle towards the top of Sierra Butte.The hike to the top requires some effort but is worthwhile. Today we just went up about a half mile to the flower garden area. There were a good number of flowers in bloom in this area including some displays.

Other interesting flower areas were:
Round Lake Trail (first mile) had many plants in bloom including Lupine, Paintbrush, Scarlet Gilia, Horsemint, Snow Plant, Mariposa Lily, Prettyface, Pussypaws, Mule's Ear, Pinedrops, Dwarf Lousewort, Slender Penstemon, Helianthella, and Pennyroyal. (6/25/14)

along forest road 54 (drier area plants such as buckwheats, ceanothus, Pussypaws and Mule's Ear) and Lincoln Meadow (which had wetter plants such as Elephant's Head, White Rein Orchids which are south of highway 49(6/22/14)

Big Springs which is a pullout west of Bassetts on Highway 49 ( there were Sierra Lily, Crimson Columbine, White Rein Orchid).(6/24/14)

I have posted detailed plant lists for several of the hikes at:

I will have some photos and butterfly information in later postings.

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