View Full Version : Skyline Serpentine Prairie at Redwood Regional Park

Sandy S
03-10-2013, 09:06 PM
Today I went to Skyline Serpentine Prairie in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland,
CA. It was six weeks earlier than my usual first visit of the year. It was
definitely early for the flowers. There are some blooms but none in abundance.
In bloom were Goldfields, California Poppy, Cream Cups, Yellow Lomatium,
California Buttercups, Red Maids, and Winter Vetch. If you just want to see some
flowers or photograph flower portraits you could go now, if you are looking for
abundant bloom wait a month.

There was a fair amount of bird activity including Turkey Vulture, Mourning
Dove, Anna's Hummingbird, American Kestrel, Steller's Jay, Western Bluebird,
California Towhee, White-crowned Sparrow, Golden-crowned Sparrow, Dark-eyed
Junco and House Finch. Best birding moments were watching the Kestrel hover and
Western Bluebirds at the bird boxes. There were a number of birds I didn't I.D.
that were moving quickly and I didn't get good looks as well as bird songs I
couldn't identify.

Photos and more information on Skyline Serpentine Prairie: