View Full Version : White Mountain Wildflowers

Sandy S
07-15-2012, 10:37 PM
Today was spent on White Mountain. It was the driest visit I have seen this area compared to previous visits, It had less wildflowers in bloom in terms of
numbers and species. However, the low rain didn't take away from the Bristlecone Pines, as they are as impressive as ever. Unfortunately, I never manage to be there early morning or early evening to see or photograph them in the best light.

The flowers were sparse on the paved road, which goes up to Schulman Grove. Even Schulman Grove had a lot less flowers than usual. Also the new visitor center is still under construction and won't open until September. (There is a temporary visitor center in a trailer).

If you are willing to drive the rough unpaved but auto accessible road to the Patriarch Grove you will get to see most of the flowers now in bloom. The most plentiful flower is Coyote Mint and the greatest numbers of flowers are closer to and in the Patriarch Grove. Both groves have Bristlecone Pines and hiking.

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