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Sandy S
05-08-2012, 01:58 PM
Abbott’s Lagoon and Kehoe Beach

Wildflower bloom has been disappointing this year in many locations but that wasn’t the case at the coast areas of Point Reyes. Many species are in bloom at Abbott’s Lagoon and there are more to come, especially the Yellow Bush Lupine. Kehoe Beach has very nice wildflower displays in bloom.

At Abbott’s Lagoon we hiked the trail from the parking lot to the bridge, up to the headland south of the bridge, along the lagoon beach and part way into the dunes. The best displays were Marsh Buttercups by the boardwalk, and Cow Parsnips along the trail. There were also many California Poppies (yellow coastal form), Douglas Iris, Yellow Bush Lupine, in bloom along the trail. There were many Blue-eyed Grass in bloom on top of the headland and you could also find Pussy-ears Star-tulip here. Dominant flowers on the beach and dune area were Yellow Sand Verbena and Dune Suncup. The sandy areas also had Fragrant Dune Lupine, Sea Rocket, Sea Thrift, Beach Pea, Beach Strawberry and others. Red-winged Blackbirds were displaying of their Red wing bars and many White-crowned Sparrows were singing. There were very few water and shore birds but we did get to see an American Bittern in the reeds across the lagoon near the bridge. We were also told by other hikers that a Bittern had been spotted at the little pond near the beginning of the trail.

We also did a quick hike down the half mile trial to Kehoe Beach. It is best described as half a mile of alien plants with mustard dominant followed by a very flowery headland. The headland just north of the trail right before the beach had a large display of Tidytips, California Poppies, a lavender lupine, Yellow Bush Lupine and Goldfields. There were also nice displays of flowers at the beginning of the wildlife protection area trail on the left of the main trail.

It was sunny so it wasn’t ideal for photography; I often used a diffuser for close-ups and I also included a few sunny polarized landscape photos just to show some of what was going on. Photographers should also know that the grasses are coming in fast. Beware of Poison Oak.

To see photos and plant and bird lists go to: http://naturalhistorywanderings.com/2012/05/08/point-reyes-wildflower-and-bird-report-57121/