View Full Version : Mines Road and Del Puerto Canyon

Sandy S
04-30-2011, 09:57 PM
Today I drove Mines Road, part of San Antonio Road and Del Puerto Canyon. I started outside of Livermore, CA and took Mines Road to the junction (site of the Junction Bar and Grill) and continued for about eight miles along San Antonio Road then doubled back to the junction and took Del Puerto Canyon out to I-80 . The fields that normally have the large displays were disappointing. There were some displays of Goldfields and Tidy Tips but nothing like in the good years in the past. The grasses are coming in fast and are competing with the flowers.

Species that were plentiful included California Poppy, White-thorn Ceanothus, Goldfields, Paintbrush, Sticky Monkey Flower, and Tidytips. To see the Tufted Poppies and Blazing Stars continue south past the junction for about seven and half miles and look at the rocky hillsides starting around 6 miles. The bright sun and strong winds made the day less than ideal for flower photography. If you want to see flowers it's worth the trip, but if you are expecting the great blooms and displays of the good years in the past you will not be happy. If you are interested in visiting Mines Road go this week as the sun, heat and wind will probably dry things out quickly. Although the road area is public, the land behind the fences is private. Please respect all fence lines and private property postings along the road.

For photos and a plant list of what I saw in bloom today: http://naturalhistorywanderings.com/2011/04/30/mines-road-wildflowers-43011/