View Full Version : Two More Eastern Sierra Wildflower Updates

Sandy S
07-19-2010, 02:31 AM
Saturday I drove up along Bishop Creek from Bishop to South Lake. Many species are in bloom with the best flowers starting around 8000 feet and continuing to the top. There is an especially nice mix of Red Columbine, Alpine Columbine and mixed hybrids of the two shortly before you get to the top. There are also a good number of blooms at the very beginning of the trail especially at the left turn off the main trail after crossing the two wooden bridges.

Sunday I hiked out McGee Creek as far as the stream that comes down from the waterfall. There were the good displays in later part of trail, especially of yellow Buckwheats and red Paintbrush; the best I have seen so far on this trip. Also lots of Sego Lilies (Calochortus bruneaunis), Scarlet Gilia, colorful Whitney’s Locoweed in fruit and many other species.

I have posted plant lists and some photos from each day on my blog: Natural History Wanderings http://naturalhistorywanderings.com

Sandy Steinman