View Full Version : Bear Valley, South Yuba River State Park and Hell's Half Acre

Sandy S
04-25-2010, 06:20 PM
I went to Bear Valley on 4/23/10 with the docents from the Regional Parks Botanic Garden on a trip led by the garden director Steve Edwards. I would
describe this as an average year for Bear Valley. There were plenty of flowers in bloom, but not a lot of big displays as in a good year. There was an impressive display of Tidytips when you first get on Bear Valley Road on the right. There was also a very good display of Zigadene at Bear Valley. Still plenty to photograph. Some of the other flowers in bloom were Poppies, Lasthenia glabrata, Owl's clover, Yellow Lomatium, Popcorn, Gilia bicolor, Lupinus nana, Calochortus uniflora, Royal Delphinium, Cream Cups, Fiddleneck, Red Paintbrush, and Blue-eyed Grass.

On 4/24/10 I went Hell's Half Acre and the Buttermilk trail in South Yuba River State Park. Hell's Half Acre is west of the Grass Valley at the intersection of Rough and Ready and Ridge Roads. It had nice displays consisting of a yellow composite (that is not Goldfields), Lupine and Johnny Tuck. Also in bloom in the area were Blue Dicks, Woodland Star and Manzanita.

In South Yuba River Park we took the Buttermilk trail, which is probably the top flower trail in the park. It is relatively level and goes along the river
canyon. It is very flowery and has many species in bloom. There are signs
along the way that identify most of the species now in bloom. It is very
appealing to the wildflower lover and close-up photographer. It does not have big displays, but does have many species in bloom.

For photos, a detailed plant list for South Yuba River and additional details
check by blog: Natural History Wanderings (http://sandysteinman.wordpress.com)