View Full Version : Skyline Serpentine Prairie at Redwood Regional Park

Sandy S
04-20-2010, 02:54 PM
I went to the Skyline Serpentine Prairie yesterday and was quite impressed with the way it is progressing. There are many Goldfields and California Poppies. Also in flower are Blue-eyed Grass, a Catchfly, Purple Sanicle, Yellow Lomatium, Yarrow, a purple pea or vetch, Owl’s Clover, Yellow Lotus, a tiny white Lewisia (?), Cow Clover, Blue Dicks, Poison Oak and Clarkia foliage. Also identified were a Western Bluebird and Buckeye butterfly. I have posted some photos of the prairie on my blog: Natural History Wanderings (http://sandysteinman.wordpress.com)