View Full Version : Bush anenome, Western redbud

04-02-2008, 09:57 AM
I bought a bush anenome (Carpenteria californica) and put it in the ground last fall. It didn't do much over the winter. It's sending out new shoots now, but it's still tiny (under a foot tall). It seems to like its spot, but does anyone know if this is typical, that is, to get off to a slow start?

I also have a nearly mature (about 12-15 feet tall) Western redbud, which if I say so myself, has a beautiful shape. It's never been a blow-your-socks-off bloomer. I read recently that they don't bloom quite as much near the coast (we're 2 miles from the ocean). I'm not going to yank it--it's too beautful--but I'm curious if anyone else has found this to be the case.