View Full Version : in the desert

02-16-2008, 09:46 PM
Hey CNPS folks!

My wife and I are headin' down to the desert - 29 Palms/Joshua Tree - for 6 weeks, hopin' for a good wildflower season in southern Cal., Arizona, and New Mexico (maybe even Texas). There have been some bursts of botany here and there ... on Amboy Rd, north of Wonder Valley on the way to Amboy, on 29 Palms Hwy east of 29 Palms from about the 50 mile marker to about the 60 mile marker, in Joshua Tree (the park), from just below the Cholla Garden/Ocotillo Garden down to I-10...

(A few of you may remember I was livin'/workin' in Pioneertown last year: we left the end of last April, and by that time little besides the Johsua Trees had bloomed. We spent the summer in the 4 corners region, livin'/workin' in Farmington, NM. The Colorado Plateau wildflowers, and then the alpine meadows in the San Juan Mts were all glorious. Lord, the penstemons. We spent the fall and winter in Ohio, for family reasons, but now we're back in Cal., and hope to never leave...)

If anybody's comin' to the desert, lemme know here; maybe we can chase flowers together ... and be sure to share all those other places in the state when stuff's a-bloomin'.