View Full Version : Native grasses/plants to replace lawn grass?

09-14-2007, 06:43 PM

I am working on a site in Mountain View where the land manager wants to replace sod with native plants. The goal is to reduce water use and labor costs. He wants to hold events there... meaning there will be foot traffic, tables, chairs, etc. The land is close to the Bay, full sun, on fill soil, but does not the get brackish water influence of the Bay. Does anyone know if there are low growing natives (from South Bay watersheds, if possible) that can handle foot traffic that could replace sod? The bunch grasses that I am used to working with seem too bunchy and tall to replace sod. Any ideas??

Thanks much-

09-26-2007, 02:00 PM

You say the native grasses you know may seem to tall but once you put them in a lawn setting and people walk all over them they won't get as tall and will stay small. There is a number of carex species, bouteloa, yarrow that will probly do well - if you haven't done so already - consult the book California native plants for the garden or the new one by Arlie middlebrook called designing with cal. native plants - those both can give you more details. Wasn't there an article in the last state bulleting on replacing your lawn and how to do it?