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03-14-2007, 08:22 PM
...my wife and I made for southern California during our four days off,
hoping a mix of environments would enhance the opportunity for more
wildflowers, but it was dry pretty much everywhere.

On Hwy 74 out of Palm Desert (where it was 99deg yesterday!) chuparosa,
Incienso, Creosote bush, Ocotillo, rosy-colored Globe Mallow, Arizona lupine,
Desert Rock pea, and Bottle Washer were all in bloom. We also spotted a
phacelia and evening primrose species in bloom but didn't stop to investigate

We began to run into California buckwheat on Hwy 371.

After a stop at Mt. Palomar ... which was very interesting ... we ran
into some lupines in bloom as we drove down San Diego Co. Rd. S6. Coulter's,
Grape Soda, and Collar lupine were all in bloom, and we found Stinging
and Arroyo lupine plants not yet flowering. We also saw Orange bush
Monkeyflower, Cal. lilac, Wild radish, a few Cal. poppies, Common butterweed,
and paint brush along that route.

The only wildflowers we spotted driving through Anza-Borrego which we hadn't
already seen were Sweetbush and Desert Marigold.

Along I-8 we spotted blooming Flannel bush.

At Torrey Pines State Park Wand Chicory, Coastal Tidy Tips, Bush sunflower,
Tree poppies, and White Coast Ceanothus got added to the list of blooming

Down on the border, at the Tijuana Estuary Preserve, the Tidy Tips were
abundant and lovely, as was the San Diego County Viguiera. There was also
quite a lot of Deerweed about. (And a beautiful Vermillion flycatcher.)

...and heading northward again, along I-15, there was a section painted blue
with Cal. lilac...

As for our next wildflower treks, which will be in early April and late April,
I'm holding out hope for Kern County and perhaps last years' stomping grounds,
Monterey County. We may even go as far north as Point Reyes...

03-21-2007, 11:25 AM
sounds great...
Here the Kings River is starting to look alive. I was just out there a few days ago. Lots of Esch. caespitosa, bush lupines, succulent lupines, Ceanothus, layias, fiddlenecks, popcorn flowers, and rock-cress. Will probably peak in about a few weeks. Anyways, sounds like you have an interesting itinerary!

03-22-2007, 08:46 AM
spring wildflowers are like a weeks-long christmas morning...

We hope to venture up to the Kings River area sooner or later (as in if not this year then next, or the following...). Our itinerary has changed as we have decided to move on from our current innkeeping position in the desert; we move on the last of April. So there will be no wildflower trips for the time being. But the Joshua trees are blooming like crazy here, in spite of the dry winter we had. So I'll content myself with that.

My wife and I did hike a little in Big Morongo Canyon Preserve last weekend; lots of desert globe mallow and bladderpod, but little else...

(One possible job we are looking into would land us in Paradise, CA, up above Grass Valley. It would be nice to be somewhat centrally located, with the ocean in one direction, the Sierra Nevadas in our back yard and the Great Basin beyond them, Northern Cal. above and more Sierra Nevadas below...)