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Limited funding requires that our organization order financial priorities carefully to ensure that we remain effective and efficient. This often means that we are in need of items that would save us considerable time and expense, but we don’t have the funds to cover purchasing them. For this reason, we publish the wishlist below. Our hope is that it will offer our supporters insight into the tools we rely upon regularly, and will allow donors to donate specific items we need for ongoing programs and initiatives.

Education Program Wish List

  • A point and shoot camera

Rare Plant Treasure Hunt Wish List

  • Jepson Manual, Second Edition (any condition) for Danny Slakey, our new state Rare Plant Treasure Hunt Coordinator
  • A 4x4 vehicle in running condition for the Rare Plant Treasure Hunt

Vegetation Program Wish List

  • Mid-sized 4x4 auto, SUV, or van for our statewide vegetation surveying and mapping. Weekly rentals run around $400-$500, and we use these vehicles for at least 12 weeks per year.
  • Portable field computers (3): Toughbook rugged computers
  • Rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries (8)
  • Midland GXT760VP4 2-way radios (1 pair)

Rare Plant Program Wish List

  • Filing Cabinets (2): Two-drawer vertical filing cabinets (black only), letter size (8.5" x 11"), 28" H x 15" W x 21.5" D. Size can vary slightly, but no taller than 28.5" and no deeper than 29.5".
  • Assorted reference books on native plant species.
  • The following references (in order of high to low priority):
    • Flora of North America: North of Mexico:
    • Volume 7: Magnoliophyta: Salicaceae to Brassicaceae. 2010.
    • Volume 8: Magnoliophyta: Paeoniaceae to Ericaceae. 2009.
    • Volume 19: Magnoliophyta: Asteridae, Part 6: Asteraceae, Part 1. 2006.
    • Volume 20: Magnoliophyta: Asteridae, Part 7: Asteraceae, Part 2. 2006.
    • Volume 21: Magnoliophyta: Asteridae, Part 8: Asteraceae, Part 3. 2006.
    • Volume 24: Magnoliophyta: Commelinidae (in part): Poaceae, Part 1. 2007.
    • Volume 27: Bryophytes: Mosses, Part 1. 2007.
    • Northern California Atlas & Gazetteer. DeLorme 2003. DeLorme Publishing; 6th edition. 127 pp.
    • Southern & Central California Atlas & Gazetteer. 2005. DeLorme Publishing; 7th edition. 128 pp.
    • Arizona Flora, Second Edition. Kearney et al. 1960. Univ. of CA Press.
    • Manual of Grasses of North America. Mary E. Barkworth et al. 2007. Utah State Univ. Press. 640 pp.
    • The Timber Press Dictionary of Plant Names. Erhardt, Walter von et al. 2010. Timber Press. 928 pp.
    • The Cruciferae of Continental North America: Systematics of the Mustard Family from the Arctic to Panama. Rollins, R.C. 1993. Stanford Univ. Press. 996 pp.
    • A Vegetation Survey of the Butterfly Botanical Area, California. Knight, W. & I. and J.T. Howell 1970. Univ. of San Francisco.


To donate items, please email or , or call the central office at 916-447-2677.

CNPS is a non-profit, tax exempt charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal revenue Code. Your donations are tax deductible.


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