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CNPS Recognizes Carol Witham

Carol photographing vernal pool plants in 1995.
Photo Credit: Diana Hickson

Anyone who has worked with Carol Witham for an extended period of time is certain to have noticed a couple of outstanding qualities, namely her passion and dedication. In working with Carol myself, I have come to respect her deep commitment both to conservation in general and to CNPS in particular.

Carol has dedicated most of her professional life to understanding the vegetation and natural history of vernal pools, as well as to promoting the conservation of these unique ecosystems. Believing plants are necessary for the survival of animals and humans, she has become a strong conservation advocate. To ensure the survival of California’s native flora and natural habitats, Carol is extending her support to CNPS through her living trust.

As she explains: “I am a belly-botanist at heart.  There is nothing more rewarding to me than to get everyone down on their hands and knees to get a closer look at the diminutive plants so characteristic of vernal pools and many other California plant communities.  I also like to remind everyone that plants form the basis of most terrestrial ecosystems. Without native plants, many animal species will perish. Endangered and even common animals cannot be conserved without preserving the native plant communities upon which they or their prey depend.”

As Carol can attest, it is easy to arrange a bequest from a living trust. Such bequests also provide important resources for the conservation of California’s native plants and their ecosystems. For more information, please contact Cari Porter, development director, at 916-447-2677.

–Amanda Jorgenson, Executive Director

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