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CNPS Recognizes Ben Hammett

Ben Hammett
Photo Credit: Don Mayall

Since joining the Society in 1995, Ben Hammett has become one of our strongest supporters. He is not only an active volunteer, but also a CNPS benefactor and a member of the Donor Circle.

Julie Evens and Don Mayall had the pleasure of working closely with Ben during a two-year vegetation survey at Coyote Ridge. They both appreciated Ben’s enthusiasm and his love of native plants. Regardless of the terrain and weather conditions, Ben was always ready to assist, as well as to make his vehicle and field equipment available to the field teams.

Don once wrote about Ben: “A survey stalwart, Ben Hammett is a retired Stanford professor who has taken many photos of survey locations and plants for the project, as a volunteer rare plant photographer for Cal Academy. He also ferries vegetation survey crews up to the ridge in his Explorer, equipped with enough gear to cross the Gobi desert.”

Ben believes that by supporting CNPS he is also promoting native plant conservation, hence conservation of all living things native to California.

To recognize the generosity of our major contributors, the CNPS Board of Directors recently established the Donor Circle and the Legacy Circle. The Donor Circle honors individuals who have contributed $25,000 or more over the past 12 years, while the Legacy Circle honors those individuals who have informed us that they have included CNPS in their estate plans.

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