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CNPS Recognizes Rita Delapa and Peter St. Clair

Rita Delapa at the Water Conservation Garden on the campus of Cuyamaca College, San Diego, where she was a regular volunteer.
Photo Credit: Peter St. Clair

Rita Delapa, a member of the San Diego Chapter of CNPS, died in early 2005 at the age of 45. Some years before, she and her husband, Peter St.Clair, had decided to include a bequest to CNPS in their wills. Both believed in CNPS, and were happy to back up their personal commitment and volunteer work in this way.

Rita did not expect to die so young, but was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the fall of 2004. The money from their bequest is now being used by the San Diego Chapter to promote “Native Plants in Public Places.” This city program aims to restore and expand native plant gardens and interpretive signage at San Diego’s Old Town State Park, one of the most highly visited urban parks in the United States.

The focus of the bequest is especially appropriate, given that Rita’s work with county officials, landscape architects, and contractors had increased her desire that CNPS create local showcases for native plants—at fire stations, schools, and parks. She wanted the public to see native plants in attractive ornamental settings and so begin to incorporate them in their own yards, as well as to encourage officials to increase native plant use in public projects.

Peter currently serves on the board of the San Diego Chapter, and in that role works with state and federal legislators. He also continues to volunteer at a number of gardens and nature preserves in the county. Peter hopes more members will evaluate their own estate plans and include a bequest to CNPS.

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