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CNPS Recognizes Geoffrey and Mary Burleigh

Geoffrey Burleigh Geoff Burleigh, 99, a long-time member of CNPS, died February 7, 2006. His 71-year-old wife, Mary, died May 11, 2003. Members of the Los Angeles-Santa Monica Mountains Chapter remember them fondly as very special people who cared deeply about CNPS’s work. Geoff and Mary supported the Society in numerous and generous ways.

Geoff was a persistent and diligent photographer. He was also ingenious. To show his photographs, he designed a system that involved two slide projectors working simultaneously side-by-side. The visual effects this system created made his slide presentations much more interesting. He was also a Calochortus enthusiast.

Geoff not only took photographs of these interesting plants, but he also planned and led regular chapter field trips in search of his favorite monocot. In addition to his volunteer hours, Geoff donated to the chapter his carefully-referenced slide collection and field notes, as well as his personal library containing more than 50 plant books.

Geoff and Mary not only contributed to the work of the Society in these ways, but also included CNPS in their estate plans. In May of this year, we received a letter from their daughter, Margaret, with a check for $80,000 to be used to strengthen the work of the Society.

We are grateful to Geoff and Mary Burleigh and their family for their generosity and good will.

–Steve Hartman, Treasurer
Amanda Jorgenson, Excutive Director

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