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Dear Friend,

My wild garden is large: Cone Peak in the Santa Lucia Mountains. Cone Peak rises abruptly to over 5,000 feet from beaches south of Big Sur. I have loved it since I was young. The longest route starts in coastal sage scrub, wanders through grassland, and runs through chaparral, oak woodlands, ponderosa and Coulter pine to, at the summit, an astonishing forest of sugar pines and Santa Lucia fir. The Santa Lucia fir is local, unusual, and wonderfully beautiful – a real Californian plant! 

Cone Peak and the Santa Lucia fir are protected, but there are many plants and many places of equal value all over California that aren't. How do we help people to understand places like Cone Peak and to appreciate them? How can we preserve them and the plants that live in them? How do we give the plants of California a future?

I am writing you to ask you to make a gift to the California Native Plant Society to help us ensure that CNPS and California's plants have a future. I am also writing to let you know of a special fundraising effort this year - the Conservation Campaign, which is a year-long effort to raise money to support the CNPS Conservation Program. Your gift to the Conservation Campaign is needed to sustain this important program just as your regular gift to CNPS is needed to support all the other efforts of CNPS.

The CNPS Conservation Program works to preserve the natural heritage that we all cherish – the native flora and the beautiful places it needs to survive. The core of the Conservation Program is science and law, as well as a love of nature.

The CNPS Conservation Program works on a wide range of issues, including solar energy development, wind farms, Native Plant Week, legislation, and forestry reform. Wherever the Program is active, it brings the best botanical science to the discussion. The Program assists CNPS chapters as well.  It will help, for example, in a specific planning dispute. The Program also helps chapters by improving Federal and State policies that affect all chapters.

You have probably heard about CNPS's ongoing activism around solar energy development in the Mohave and Colorado Deserts. A massive planning process is underway that will determine the fate of millions of acres of public lands. CNPS had a major role in setting the standards for this process. The agencies overseeing the desert are also relying on CNPS to provide the basic scientific information on plant distribution, vegetation types, and endangered species that is needed to design huge preserves. 

The facts are that the CNPS Conservation Program needs additional money to continue.  CNPS is working diligently to take advantage of all funding opportunities, but the simple truth is that the Conservation Program needs your gift to continue. 

The CNPS board and I are asking CNPS supporters to make an extra gift this year to the Conservation Program. Only with this extra funding will CNPS remain an active and respected participant at the highest levels of conservation policy in California. We are depending on our membership to be even more generous than they usually are. Please consider adding a significant extra amount to help fund the Conservation Program. 

Together we can ensure that California's wild gardens have a future. If you care about science-based conservation in California, please consider making a special gift this year.  The need is very real.

Very truly yours,

Brett Hall
California Native Plant Society Board of Directors

P.S.  Please remember that CNPS asks you to make a special "stretch" gift this spring, above your regular support, to help CNPS keep the Conservation Program going.

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