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This journal is sent to members three times a year. Featured articles cover botany, horticulture, vegetation in land management, CNPS projects, and related native plant topics. Articles include eye catching plant and landscape color photos.

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Fremontia Publication Schedule

Fremontia Submissions:
CNPS members and professionals in native plant endeavors are welcome to submit articles, book reviews, botanical artwork, poetry, cartoons, and photographs for publication. All materials submitted should relate to the study of California's native vegetation. Acceptance is based on suitability. For more information please read:

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CNPS BulletinCNPS Bulletin

This quarterly newsletter is sent to all CNPS members. Each issue reports on statewide and chapter activities, recognizes notable contribtutions of members, offers gardening advice, and briefly covers timely issues related to native plant conservation and education. Chapters and members are encouraged to submit ideas for articles to

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CNPS e-Newsletter

This monthly e-newsletter is available to anyone who requests it. Published monthly by CNPS, each issue contains updates on ongoing work in our core programs of Conservation, Education, Rare Plant and Vegetation Science, and Horticulture. The CNPS Horticulture Committee gathers and edits material for issues centered around incorporating California native plants in home gardens, the subject focus of every third issue.  

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CNPS Posters - Shrubs of the Coast RangesEach CNPS poster displays detailed art work of regional plants. These beautiful presentations are perfect for framing and hanging in homes or businesses. They can also be used “as is” for instructional purposes. Posters are available at many chapter events and through the online store. Titles include:

  • The Grass Posters (set of 4)
  • Shrubs of the Coast Ranges
  • Spring Wildflowers
  • Wildflowers of the Coast
  • Wildflowers of the Desert
  • Wildflowers of the Redwood Forest
  • Wildflowers of the Sierra Nevada

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CNPS Press Books

CNPS publishes a variety books on native plants. Titles include:

  • The Best Spring Ever – Why El Niño Makes the Desert Bloom
  • California’s Wild Gardens (1st printing CNPS Press)
  • California's Changing Landscapes
  • Dune Mother's Wildflower Guide: Flowers of the Dunes of Coastal San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara Counties
  • The Ecology and Management of Rare Plants of Northwestern California
  • Ecology and Restoration of Northern California Coastal Dunes
  • Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Vernal Pool Ecosystems
  • Flora of Kern County
  • Flora of Lassen Volcanic National Park
  • Flora of Sonoma County
  • Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mount Diablo, California
  • Flowering Plants of The Santa Monica Mountains
  • Inventory of Rare and Endangered Vascular Plants of California
  • Manual of California Vegetation
  • Origin and Relationships of the California Flora (reprinted)
  • Plant Life in the World's Mediterranean Climates
  • Plants of the Tahoe Basin
  • Rare Lilies of California

In addition, important chapter projects have resulted in locally produced publications, including:

  • Southern California Native Plants for School Gardens
  • Annotated Checklist of the East Bay Flora: native and naturalized vascular plants of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California
  • Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Santa Cruz County
    See the online store for more information and purchases. Local chapter events often have various titles available as well.

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CNPS Press Submissions:
CNPS Press publishes local floras and other books about California plants, vegetation, and habitats. To submit a book project for publication consideration, please prepare a brief proposal containing the following items.

  1. Rationale for CNPS to publish (1-2 page letter),
  2. Table of contents,
  3. Sample chapters (2-3 and a rough idea of length in words),
  4. Sample illustrations (or clear descriptions of such),
  5. Any funding sources or marketing connections, and
  6. Any known competition

Mail proposals to California Native Plant Society, Attention: Editorial Advisory Board, 2707 K Street, Suite 1, Sacramento, CA 95816-5113. Email inquiries to

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Other Books

Care and Maintenance of Southern California Native Plant GardensBooks presented by additional publishers are also available. Notable publications authored by CNPS members or otherwise associated with California native flora can be obtained at chapter events and on the online store. Displayed here is the highly useful Care and Maintenance of Southern California Native Plant Gardens, printed in side by side English and Spanish.


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