California Native Plant Society

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CNPS State Election Results Announced

November 20, 2013

Chapter Council (2014)
Chair: David Magney
Vice Chair: Larry Levine
Secretary: Marty Foltyn

Board of Directors (2014-2015)
President: Laura Camp
Secretary: Carolyn Longstreth
Kristie Haydu
Glen Holstein (Chapter Council Representative)
Gordon Leppig
Michael Vasey

Continuing Terms (2013-14)
Vice President: David Bigham
Treasurer: Nancy Morin
Directors: Orchid Black (Chapter Council Representative)
Bill Hunt
David Varner
Steve Windhager

CNPS would like to thank all Council Delegates, Chapter Presidents and Boards for taking time to discuss and vote. And of course, thanks to the individuals who stepped forward to take on these offices.


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