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Spring in the Garden 2017

Native Plant Inspiration and Resources

Whether you're planning your first native plant garden or growing your appreciation of California natives, spring is a great time to get inspired and expand your knowledge.

CNPS chapters and partner organizations are offering a number of fun ways to get involved this year.


photo by Dennis Mudd
Credit: Dennis Mudd

photo by Kathy Kramer
Credit: Kathy Kramer

Garden Tours

From San Diego to San Francisco, tour the stunning home gardens of local native plant gardeners.

photo by Dennis Mudd
Credit: Dennis Mudd

Plant Sales

Take advantage of the season's plant sales for great deals and helpful advice on popular and hard-to-find California natives.

photo by Stacey Flowerdew
Credit: Stacey Flowerdew


Sign up for a workshop near you to learn about native plant gardening and ecology. Classes range from beginner to advanced.

photo by Julie Anne Hopkins
Credit: Julie Anne Hopkins


Take a virtual garden tour or watch a live broadcast of one of our workshops. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to catch the latest!


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