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California Consulting Botanist Certification


Register of California Certified Botanists

The highly qualified and knowledgeable field and/or consulting botanist is the professional that will meet your needs is that botanist that has become certified through the CNPS Botanist Certification program. Certification is designated for only those botanists that have been vetted through focused examinations. There are two levels of certification: Field Botanist and Consulting Botanist.

The Certified Field Botanist knows the California flora, knows how to conduct field surveys, knows how to document what occurs on a project site, knows how to monitor implementation of required permit conditions.

The Certified Consulting Botanist knows everything the Field Botanist knows, as well as the laws and regulations, permit process and requirements, impact assessments, and preparing and implementing mitigation and monitoring plans.

Those individual botanists that have become certified as either a Field Botanist or Consulting Botanist are listed in the downloadable Register of Certified Botanists.


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