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We are looking for people to fill positions in the following committees and subcommittees that will have tasks in the year leading up to the conference, starting now. Registration discounts will be available for volunteers.

Photo by Danielle Roach

Outreach Committee: Someone with time on their hands to help develop outreach plan and mailing lists.

Audio/ Visual subcommittee: We need volunteers with computer and projector experience willing to work 4 hr shifts on the days of the conference and/or workshops.

Exhibitors committee: two people to help solicit for exhibitors and then to help them set up during the conference.

Silent Auction and drawing subcommittee: this is lots of fun – We need a few people to help solicit auction items and/or help set up auction and drawing during the conference - people willing to ask around for articles and trips and vacation rentals and then set the whole thing up.

Student Activities and Funding: We need several students: two for social activities, two or three for the Poster and Presentation contests, and one or two very well organized students for student funding. Students can earn big discounts and registration fee waivers for volunteering! We want to encourage lots of student involvement. We would prefer grad students or recent graduates for Poster and Presentation contests and the student funding tasks since these activities involve many graduate students.

CNPS Store subcommittee: We need a few people to help staff the store in 4 hr shifts during the conference.

All volunteers should be current members of CNPS. We especially encourage students who want to perform work-exchange in order to attend conference, to take these positions! Registration discounts are available to volunteers.

Please contact us at if you are interested in volunteering!

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