California Native Plant Society


Thursday evening, Jan 12, after the Opening Reception, following or interweaving with the Poetry reading.

Bring acoustic instruments, and/or songs with lyrics and chords (not sheet music), on a thumb drive. Be prepared to lead the songs you bring or find someone who can and will. We will project songs on a screen so people can sing and play along. Songs with botanical themes are encouraged (adapt new lyrics to old favorites) but all other good songs are welcome. Familiar and or simple songs or tunes work best. This is not a performance venue- just a pure fun sing and play-along and everyone is invited to participate regardless of skill-level or ability to sing on key. A variety of instruments make it all the more interesting. Banjos, kazoos, bag-pipes, and baby rattles are welcome. We can play until we are told to be quiet. Jamfest may follow songfest if the night allows.


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