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Contributed Posters

Session chairs: Janell Hillman and Mark Bibbo
Poster session with author or representative present
Rooms: Ascot, Brittany, Clarendon, Eaton, and Fairfield
Thursday, Jan 12, 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. and open throughout conference

  • Zoya Akulova-Barlow, Clint Kellner: Seed Dispersal Methods of Plants Native to California.
  • Holly Alpert: Controlling Invasive Plants in Devils Postpile National Monument: A Success Story in the making
  • Rose Ashbach: Habitat Suitability Models as a Tool for the Aerial Extent Mapping of Rare Chaparral Species, Monterey Spineflower (Chorzanthe pungens pungens)
  • Charles Blair: Invasive Aquatic and Riparian Weeds and Mosquitoes: Challenges, Successes, and Importance of On-Going Studies
  • Amy Concilio, M. Loik: Non-Toxic Control Options for High Elevation Populations of Bromus tectroum L. in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, CA
  • Mark Dodero, A. Bennett: Maritime Succulent Scrub Community Restoration and Management Benefits both Sensitive Animals and Plants
  • Kara Doolin, T. Nelson: Active Management Helps to Bring Endemic Species Population Back from Extinction
  • M. Guilliams, Jessica Farmer, T. Lilittham, A. Roddy, T. Dawson: Is Floral Water Balance an Important Driver of Angiosperm Evolution?
  • Naomi Fraga: Modeling Habitat for Astragalus tricarinatus (Fabaceae)
  • Meredith Gosejohan: When Being Under Water is a Good Thing: Does Inundation Regime Explain Endemic Plant Community Distribution in Vernal Pools?
  • Matt Groberg S. Meyers, K. Amsberry: Evaluating the Species Status of Sisyrinchium hitchcockii: A Rare Blue-Eyed Grass of Oregon and Northern California
  • Matt Guilliams, J. Perkins, B. Ertter: Protecting a Rare Potentilla in Lassen County, California: A Conservation Assessment for Potentilla basaltica (Rosaceae)
  • Kristen Hasenstab-Lehman: Systematics and Evolution of Johnstonella: Insights into Endemism in Desert Herbs
  • Bianca Hayashi: Wide Phenotypic Variability and Possible Hybridization in Erythronium californicum on Green Diamond Resource Company (GDRCO) Property
  • Mark Hessing: Demography of the Rare Desert Cymopterus at Fort Irwin, California.
  • Rachel Hussey: Floral Variability in Leptosiphon androsaceous across a Moisture Gradient.
  • Daniel Lee, M. Guilliams, B. Baldwin: A Morphometric Analysis of the Prickly-Nutleted Popcorn Flowers (Plagiobothrys, Boraginaceae), with an Emphasis on the Distinctiveness of the Rare Plant, P. Hystriculus
  • Zuhayl Lambert: A Descriptive Study of Primary Old-Growth Coast Redwood Growth Form and Canopy
  • Kaitlin Lubetkin, L. Kueppers, A. Westerling: Extent and Timing of Conifer Encroachment into Subalpine Meadows in the Central Sierra Nevada
  • Chris McDonald Searching for a Silver Bullet: Reducing the Invasive Sahara Mustard While Preserving Native Wildflowers
  • Kai Palenscar: Community Factors Affecting Giant Reed Establishment within the Riparian Plant Community Of Southern California
  • Tate Perrine, Jason Pearson: Earl's Garden: Creating a Student-Run Native Plant Garden on the University of California At San Diego Campus
  • Barbara Rice, D. Hichwa, J. Weigand: Conservation of Rank 1B.2 Agrostis blasdalei, Discovered on California Coastal National Monument Island
  • Amelia Ryan, L. Parsons: Post-Restoration Plant Community Formation on the Giacomini Wetland Restoration Project
  • Schweich Population Dynamics of Desert Elkweed (Frasera albomarginata S. Watson) Gentianaceae in Mojave National Preserve.
  • Rasoul Sharifi, B. Prigge, T. Huggins, P. Rundel: Comparative Ecophysiology of Lane Mountain Milkvetch (Astraglaus jaegerianus Munz), an Endangered Species, under Field and Controlled Greenhouse
  • Debra Sykes, D. Snider, T. Collins, E. Stitt, P. Balfour: The Effect of Seasonality on Cram Scores for Vernal Pools in Eastern Sacramento County
  • Don Thomas Progress in the Restoration of the Habitat of Fountain Thistle (Cirsium fontinale) Invaded by Jubatagrass (Cortaderia jubata)
  • Dean Tonenna: Tribal and Agency Conservation of Traditional Gathering Areas at Mono Lake, California
  • Barbara Wilson, R. Brainerd, N. Otting, P. Zika: Field Guide to the Carex Sedges of California
  • Courtney Wilson, Seed Germination and Pollination of the Endangered California Redwood Forest Endemic Astragalus agnicidus (Fabaceae); Preliminary Results.
  • Marti Wittier: The California Fire Science Consortium – a new tool for collaboration between fire scientists and fire managers

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Chapter Posters

Session chair: Kristie Haydu
Poster session with author or representative present
Rooms: Ascot, Brittany, Clarendon, Eaton, and Fairfield
Thursday, Jan 12, 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. and open throughout conference

  • Steven Goetz, Janet Mackey, Sue Wickham, Willis Linn Jepson Chapter: Sure, Let's Build a Native Plant Botanic Garden
  • Dave Berman, South Coast Chapter: Save Lower Point Vicente
  • Arne Johanson, Elizabeth Mather and Mike Bregantic, San Diego Chapter: The Bradley Method, Effective Human Scale Habitat Restoration
  • Holly Alpert, Bristlecone Chapter: Conservation, education, and advocacy in the Eastern Sierra
  • Celia Kutcher, Orange County: Building Native-Plant Conservation in OC
  • Laurie Burk, Shasta Chapter, The Matson Mowder How Celebration Garden
  • Sabrina Okamura-Johnson, Sacramento Valley Chapter: Three Conservation Projects
  • David Chipping, San Luis Obispo Chapter: Conservation Education
  • Carrie Schneider, San Diego Chapter: Supporting Community Habitat Programs in San Diego
  • Steve Hartman, LA/Santa Monica Mountains Chapter: Native Plant Revegetation in the Sepulveda Dam Basin, Van Nuys, California (1979-2011)
  • Laura Baker, Lesley Hunt, East Bay Chapter: Point Molate – Thanks to EB CNPS, A Casino Wasn’t in the Cards

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