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CNPS 2012: Conserving and Restoring the Roots of  California's Richness

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Thank you to all the hundreds of volunteers, contributors, and attendees who helped make the 2012 Conservation Conference a wonderful success! Attendance exceeded our expectations for workshops, the conference, and Public Day, with about 1000 people attending overall five days.

We hope that the talks, conversations, art, poetry, etc. at the conference stimulated you to TAKE ACTION in some way that will further conservation. Let's not lose the momentum! Form working groups, adopt a rare plant, research and publish, survey rare vegetation types, use CEQA, contact your local politicians, take children outside, write a poem and read it to others, use your imagination, and stay in contact with us. Oh, and support CNPS in any and every way that you can.

Contributed Poster Abstracts (PDF)
Contributed Abstracts for Oral Presentations (PDF)
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D. Chipping Closing Plenary Presentation (PPT)


Contest Award Winners
Student Poster Contest Student Oral Presentation Contest Botanical Arts Exhibition Contest

1st place - Amy Concilio; Title: Non-Toxic Control Options for High Elevation Populations of Bromus Tectroum L. in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, Ca

2nd place - Jessica Farmer; Title: Is Floral Water Balance an Important Driver of Angiosperm Evolution?

3rd place - Daniel Lee; Title: A Morphometric Analysis of the Prickly-Nutleted Popcorn Flowers (Plagiobothrys, Boraginaceae), with an Emphasis on the Distinctiveness of the Rare Plant, P. hystriculus


1st place - Marguerite Mauritz; Title: Assessing the Impact of Invasive Annual Grasses on Seed Production and Seed Viability of two Native Californian grasses

2nd place - Erin Riordan; Title: Implications of Climate Change for a Rare Plant Community, the California Sage Scrub

3rd place - Jenn Yost; Title: Local Adaptation and Speciation in Cryptic Species of Lasthenia

1st place- Carrie A DiCostanzo, for Pinus jeffreyi

2nd place - Deborah B. Shaw for Brodiaea filifolia

3rd place - Joan Keesey for Dichelostemma volubile and Madia elegans

Honorable mentions
* Eliza K. Jewett for Fremontodendron californicum
* Terry Smith for Darlingtonia californica
* Estelle DeRidder for Salvia spathacea (with Avena fatua and juvenile Calypte anna)

Peoples’ Choice
Melinda Pahl for Athyrium filix-femina, Iris douglasiana, Oxalis oregana, Symphoricarpos albus var laevigatus and Tellima grandiflora

Photography Exhibition Contest
1st Place - Brian Wright - Bristlecone Trio

Bristlecone Trio (Contest Winner)
photo by Brian Wright

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