California Native Plant Society


Small Posters to Promote CNPS and Native Plants

The following electronic files are layouts for posters that promote native plants and CNPS. They are for promotional and educational use within CNPS.

These files were formatted as 4.75” x 6.75” images. Most printers connected to home computers allow printing to a variety of paper sizes and can automatically increase the size of the image to fill the paper. Such a function will allow these posters to be sized to paper as large as allowed by your printer. These posters print well on paper up to about 11” x 17” in size. Check the “Properties” function of your printer to select the option of printing to fit the size of the paper you choose.

These posters also print well on card stock and can be mounted on poster board for a more durable product. Some craft stores sell or office supply stores sell “easel backs” that are made of cardboard and can be applied to the poster mounted on card board to create a table top poster. The brand Lineco easel backs can be ordered online here.

These posters could also be inserted in an upright acrylic display stand. These stands are commonly available at office supply stores and generally accommodate paper sizes up to 8” x 11”.


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