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October 2017

CNPS Chapter Resources | October 2017

Hello CNPS chapter volunteers!
In this monthly e-mail, you will find chapter support updates and other resources from CNPS staff. Always feel free to contact us with questions and feedback! E-mail Becky Reilly, .

Thank you for all that you do for our native plants!

In this e-mail...
Name Tag Order Deadline November 3
Special Art Exhibit Benefits CNPS
CNPS 2018 Conservation Conference - Early Registration Deadline October 31 
Chapter Posters at the Conservation Conference - Deadline October 31
Botanical Art & Photography - Contest Deadlines EXTENDED to October 31
New Credit Card Readers Available
Event Planning 
Upcoming CNPS Statewide Workshops
This Month's FAQ!
Next CNPS Quarterly Meeting

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Name Tag Orders Due November 3
We are getting ready to place the next order of CNPS name tags in time to be picked up at the December chapter council meeting – order all the name tags your chapter may need for the upcoming Conservation Conference now! Name tags are usually about $8 each depending on the size of our order. We will invoice your chapter treasurer for the total. To place an order for your chapter, please send your list of names as they should be printed, with chapter affiliations, to Becky Reilly, , by November 3.

Special Art Exhibit Benefits CNPS
The G2Gallery in Venice is featuring a beautiful show, now through December 23rd. The Gallery's owners, Susan and Dan Gottlieb, are sponsors of the upcoming Conservation Conference. Proceeds benefit CNPS and the Theodore Payne Foundation. We encourage you to visit this gorgeous exhibit and help spread the word. More information here.

CNPS 2018 Conservation Conference - Early Registration Deadline October 31
Early registration rates for the CNPS 2018 Conservation Conference end October 31. Please spread the word so your chapter members and friends can sign up now and save! Materials are available on the conference website to help chapters and partners promote the conference, including sample newsletters and e-mails, flyers, ads, social media content, and more at This year's attendees will receive a free copy of The Gottlieb Native Garden: A California Love Story.

Chapter Posters at the Conservation Conference - Deadline October 31
Chapter posters are a critical component of the Conservation Conference, as they highlight all of the amazing work our organization does throughout California. Be a steward of your local chapter’s projects and initiatives by creating a poster! If you’d like to participate, please send us your poster title, chapter/author(s), and a short paragraph summary of the poster by October 31. Details are available at, or click here.

Botanical Art & Photography - Contest Deadlines EXTENDED to October 31
The Conservation Conference will include art and photography showcasing the beauty of our native plants – and the incredible artists who capture it! Artists are invited to enter original works in the botanical art and photography contests, from which the art and photo exhibits at the conference will be selected. Contest entries can win cash prizes up to $500! Please share this information with your chapter members and friends to encourage submissions by October 31. Artists do not have to attend the conference to participate. Details and entry forms are available at

New Credit Card Readers Available
Intuit GoPayment card readers with chip capability are here! To order one for your next chapter meeting or plant sale, e-mail Laureen at . Card readers are $30 each, and are newly equipped to scan both chips and magnetic strips (older readers without chip capability will continue to work if you do not wish to upgrade). More information about the card readers is available here.

Event Planning
Are you planning your 2018 chapter events? Help us help you! If we know your events well in advance, we can better support you administratively and via marketing and communications. Please send your proposed 2018 events to by November 15.

Upcoming CNPS Statewide Workshops
Coming up this year: CEQA Impact Assessment, October 24-25 in Sacramento. The 2018 schedule is being developed as well and will be available soon! Full details and registration information are available at! If your chapter would like to help spread the word, contact Becky Reilly, , for flyers, ads, or write-ups to include in your newsletters and more - any assistance is much appreciated.

This month's FAQ!
Q: When will we be able to reorder grass posters?
A: We've made some updates to the grass posters, including revising the scientific names of the grasses to reflect current taxonomy. The new posters are printing now, and should be back in stock within the next couple months - we will let you know when they are available for chapters to order again. Thanks for your patience!

Next CNPS Quarterly Meeting

December 1-3, 2017
Sacramento, CA
Hosted by the CNPS Sacramento Valley Chapter

Why should I attend the Quarterly Meeting?
1. You will connect with, and learn from, other CNPS members and staff from around the state
2. You get to contribute to important decisions that impact our organization during the chapter council session, and learn about the projects that CNPS staff are working on
3. Through social events and field trips, you will meet like-minded people and get to know a new area of the state - it's fun!

Hope to see you there!


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