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September 2017

CNPS Chapter Resources | September 2017

Hello CNPS chapter volunteers!
In this monthly e-mail, you will find chapter support updates and other resources from CNPS staff. Always feel free to contact us with questions and feedback! E-mail Becky Reilly, .

Thank you for all that you do for our native plants!

In this e-mail...
Help Spread the Word - Conservation Conference Marketing Materials
W9s for Chapter Use
Send Us Your Chapter Logos
Sponsor Student Conference Attendees!
Welcome Elizabeth Kubey, CNPS Conference Assistant!
Botanical Art & Photography - Contest Deadlines October 20
Upcoming CNPS Statewide Workshops
This Month's FAQ!
Next CNPS Quarterly Meeting

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Help Spread the Word – Conservation Conference Marketing Materials
We’ve added new materials to the conference website to help chapters and partners promote the CNPS 2018 Conservation Conference. You will now find sample newsletters and e-mail entries, flyers, ads, social media content, and more at If you have suggestions for other materials that would be helpful, e-mail . Thank you for your help in spreading the word!

W9s for Chapter Use
A copy of a completed IRS form W9 for CNPS is now available on the admin page of the CNPS website, for chapters to provide when requested by a vendor or funder. Note: only certain staff (not volunteers) are authorized to sign a W9 on behalf of CNPS, so please use the form on the admin page when a W9 is requested. Contact Laureen at if you have any questions.

Send Us Your Chapter Logos
We are building some new regional marketing materials, including local plant lists and garden plan brochures, which can be used in regions throughout the state. If you would like your chapter logo to be included on these materials, please send a high resolution file to . Thank you!

Sponsor Student Conference Attendees!
Recommendations for chapters who would like to fund registration and/or travel expenses for student conference attendees were provided to presidents, delegates, and treasurers last week. This document and other details about how chapters can get involved in the conference are available at

Welcome Elizabeth Kubey, CNPS Conference Assistant!
Elizabeth joined CNPS in early August to provide support for the CNPS 2018 Conservation Conference, assisting the conference planning team with sponsorships, auctions, art events, and more. Elizabeth is a graduate of UC Berkeley and holds a BS in Society and Environment with a minor in Art Practice. Before CNPS, she worked as an Outdoor Science Instructor in the Sierra Nevada, where she taught interactive science lessons and led environmental art exercises among native plants. Elizabeth is passionate about the CNPS mission to protect California's native plant heritage and preserve it for future generations, and is excited for the opportunity to work with CNPS and its partners to help create an amazing conference. Please feel free to reach out and say hello! Her e-mail is .

Botanical Art & Photography - Contest Deadlines October 20
The Conservation Conference will include art and photography showcasing the beauty of our native plants – and the incredible artists who capture it! Artists are invited to enter original works in the botanical art and photography contests, from which the art and photo exhibits at the conference will be selected. Contest entries can win cash prizes up to $500! Please share this information with your chapter members and friends to encourage submissions by October 20. Artists do not have to attend the conference to participate. Details and entry forms are available at

Upcoming CNPS Statewide Workshops
Coming up this year: Vegetation Rapid Assessment/Releve, October 3-5 in Bodega Bay; and CEQA Impact Assessment, October 24-25 in Sacramento. The 2018 schedule is being developed as well and will be available soon! Full details and registration information are available at! If your chapter would like to help spread the word, contact Becky Reilly,, for flyers, ads, or write-ups to include in your newsletters and more - any assistance is much appreciated.

This month's FAQ!
Q: How do I add my chapter's event to the CNPS events calendar?
A: Posting to the calendar is easy! Just follow the “Instructions for adding an event to the calendar” PDF available on the admin page of The statewide events calendar is a great way to promote your upcoming fall plant sales, symposia, field trips, and more. We encourage all chapters to post their events for added publicity.

Next CNPS Quarterly Meeting

December 1-3, 2017
Sacramento, CA
Hosted by the CNPS Sacramento Valley Chapter

Why should I attend the Quarterly Meeting?
1. You will connect with, and learn from, other CNPS members and staff from around the state
2. You get to contribute to important decisions that impact our organization during the chapter council session, and learn about the projects that CNPS staff are working on
3. Through social events and field trips, you will meet like-minded people and get to know a new area of the state - it's fun!

Hope to see you there!


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