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March 2016

Chapter Resources March 2016

Hello CNPS Chapter Volunteers!
In this monthly e-mail, you will find chapter support updates and other resources from CNPS staff. Always feel free to contact us with questions and feedback! E-mail Becky Reilly, .

Thank you for making CNPS great!

In this e-mail...
BIG Day of Giving 2016!
Reminder: Timing of Event Insurance Requests
The 2016 Directory Is Here!
2016 CNPS Statewide Workshops Now Open For Registration
Chapter Annual Activity Reports
California Native Plant Week 2016

This Month's FAQ!
Next Chapter Council Meeting

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BIG Day of Giving 2016!
On May 3, 2016, CNPS is participating in a local fundraising challenge for the Sacramento region called the BIG Day of Giving. For 24 hours, online donations of $25 or more made to CNPS through will help us to be eligible to win prizes ranging from $500 to $5000! Watch for CNPS's campaign on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages (hashtag: #BIGDoG2015) and in the e-newsletter as the date approaches to learn how you can participate and help CNPS raise more money to support our mission. Please contact Stacey at for BIG Day of Giving logos and verbiage to include in your chapter newsletters and Facebook pages to help spread the word!

Reminder: Timing of Event Insurance Requests

Lately, we have been receiving a high number of late/last-minute requests for insurance related to CNPS chapter events. We ask that you submit insurance requests at least 6 weeks before your events to allow us enough time to process them – we cannot guarantee that rush requests will be accommodated.We understand that sometimes things happen and a rush is necessary, and will do our best to help push the request through. But submitting rush insurance requests puts a lot of stress on staff, our insurance company, and the insurance underwriters, and depending on the type of insurance that your event venue is requesting, a rush may not even be possible. When you schedule an event, ask your venue or the permitting agency what their insurance requirements are right away – even if it’s months in advance! – and put in your insurance request as soon as possible. Thank you for your help and understanding! Insurance guidelines for CNPS chapter events are available here or you can contact Becky at for more information.

The 2016 Directory Is Here!
Thank you so much to everyone who submitted updates - we received responses this year from all 35 chapters, making this our most up-to-date directory yet! Your chapter delegate will be provided 2 printed copies of the directory at the chapter council meeting next weekend in San Pedro. We strongly encourage you to utilize the environmentally-friendly paperless version online, but if you would like to order additional printed copies, the cost will be about $8 each, plus shipping, which we will invoice to your treasurer. E-mail your chapter’s extra orders to Becky at . Here are directions for accessing the online version:
1. Go to the admin page of
2. Access the private administration section by clicking on the panamint daisy logo in the left sidebar
3. Log in by using the username: ***
    And, password: ***
4. Click on the link to the 2016 directory
5. To view the directory, enter password (case sensitive): ***

2016 CNPS Statewide Workshops Now Open For Registration
The 2016 statewide plant science workshops schedule, and information/registration for most workshops, is now available on! Upcoming spring classes that you can register for now include Rare Plant Survey Protocols (registration closes Monday!) in Oxnard/Malibu, March 14-15; Measuring & Monitoring Plant Populations in the western Mojave National Preserve, April 3-6; Intro to Plant Identification - Northern CA in Los Molinos, May 3-5; and Wetland & Riparian Plant Identification in Ojai, May 18-20. Details and registration will be posted very soon for Vegetation Rapid Assessment/Releve (White Mountains, July 19-21), plus two more Introduction to Plant Identification workshops in the Bay Area and Southern California (details TBA) and Vegetation Mapping in the Bay Area (details TBA). If you would like more information, or a short write-up about upcoming workshops to include in your chapter newsletter, contact Becky Reilly, .

Chapter Annual Activity Reports
Reminder: Chapter Annual Activity Reports are now tied to our fiscal year (April-March), so we will be sending out this year’s CAAR forms later this month, and they will be due back in June. Stay tuned for details!

California Native Plant Week 2016
Do you have a chapter event happening during California Native Plant Week, April 16-24? Be sure to add your event to the Horticulture Events calendar so we can help spread the word! Here are instructions on adding events to the calendar. For questions about this calendar, please email .

This month's FAQ!
Q: What do I need to submit to the state office for a standard event insurance request?
A: First, check out the Event Insurance Guidelines to familiarize yourself with the process. For MOST events (check those guidelines first!), if your event venue or permitting agency is requesting insurance (ask them if you are not sure), and your event will have less than 500 attendees, complete the Additional Insured/Certificate of Insurance Request Form and return it to Becky with a copy of your agreement, contract, or permit with the facility/agency. If you don't have an agreement, ask the facility for one that will be signed by both CNPS and the facility managers, and make sure the insurance requirements are stated in the agreement - this is required for us to proceed. Please submit your request form and agreement to Becky, , AT LEAST 6 weeks before your event.


Next Chapter Council Meeting

March 11-13, 2016
San Pedro, CA

Hosted by the South Coast Chapter

Why should I attend Chapter Council?
1. You will connect with, and learn from, other CNPS members from around the state
2. You get to contribute to important decisions that impact our organization
3. Through social events and field trips, you will meet like-minded people and get to know a new area of the state - it's fun!

Hope to see you there!

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