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February 2016

Chapter Resources February 2016

Hello CNPS Chapter Volunteers!
In this monthly e-mail, you will find chapter support updates and other resources from CNPS staff. Always feel free to contact us with questions and feedback! E-mail Becky Reilly, .

Thank you for making CNPS great!

In this e-mail...
Welcome New CNPS Staff!
CNPS Directory Updates Due February 17
Name Tag Orders Due February 17
2016 CNPS Statewide Workshops Now Open For Registration
Now Available: California's Botanical Landscapes!
This Month's FAQ!
Next Chapter Council Meeting

Reminder: need membership support while Stacey Flowerdew is on maternity leave? We've got you covered! E-mail Becky Reilly at , and we will help you out.

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Welcome New CNPS Staff!
We are very excited to announce that CNPS has two brand-new staff members in the state office: Melissa Guajardo, Associate Director, and Steve Schoenig, Rare Plant Treasure Hunt Assistant Botanist! Stay tuned for more information on how Melissa and Steve will be helping support your chapters - for now, you can learn more about them on the staff bios page of the CNPS website. Welcome Melissa and Steve!

CNPS Directory
Updates Due February 17
Last month, we sent a spreadsheet containing your chapter's directory listing to a representative in your chapter with instructions to update the spreadsheet with your current information for the 2016 directory. If your chapter has not yet provided your updates, please send them to Becky Reilly, , by February 17. If you are unsure who in your chapter received the spreadsheet, or have other questions, contact Becky. Thanks to everyone who provided their updates early! We are looking forward to providing new directories to your chapter delegates at the chapter council meeting next month.

Name Tag Orders Due February 17
We will be placing our next order of CNPS name tags in time to be picked up at the March chapter council meeting. Name tags are usually about $8 each, depending on the size of our order, and we will invoice your chapter treasurer for your total. If you would like to order name tags for your chapter, please send your list of names as they should be printed, with chapter affiliations, to Becky Reilly () by February 17.

2016 CNPS Statewide Workshops Now Open For Registration
The 2016 statewide plant science workshops schedule, and information/registration for most workshops, is now available on! Upcoming spring classes that you can register for now include How To Photograph Flowering Plants Like A Pro (San Diego, Feb. 25-26), Rare Plant Survey Protocols (Oxnard/Malibu, March 14-15), Measuring & Monitoring Plant Populations (western Mojave National Preserve, April 3-6), and Wetland & Riparian Plant Identification (Ojai, May 18-20). Details and registration will be posted very soon for Introduction to Plant Identification - Northern CA (Los Molinos, May 3-5), Vegetation Rapid Assessment/Releve (White Mountains, July 19-21), plus two more Introduction to Plant Identification workshops in the Bay Area and Southern California (details TBA) and Vegetation Mapping in the Bay Area (details TBA). If you would like more information, or a short write-up about upcoming workshops to include in your chapter newsletter, contact Becky Reilly, .

Now Available: California's Botanical Landscapes!
California's Botanical Landscapes: A Pictorial View of the State's Vegetation, by Michael G. Barbour, Julie M. Evens, Todd Keeler-Wolf, and John O. Sawyer, is a beautiful exploration of our native vegetation, with a phenomenal array of photographs paired with interpretive descriptions from California’s top plant ecologists. This gorgeous book is now available in the CNPS online store ( at the retail price of $39.95, or contact Laureen Jenson, , to order books at the chapter price (for resale or chapter use) of $23.97.

This month's FAQ!
Q: If I am applying for a grant for my chapter, are there any special procedures I need to follow, or other considerations?
A: Yes. The bottom line is, if your chapter is thinking about applying for a grant, let the state office know! There are lots of things we can do to help support you through the grant application process and get your chapter projects funded and administered appropriately, so you can keep doing all of the good things you do for California’s plants. This includes double checking that no other chapters or staff are applying for the same grant, to ensure that we are not inadvertently competing for the same grant. For more details on the steps you should take and things to keep in mind when applying for a grant for your chapter, click here. (Note - Stacey Flowerdew is the primary contact for chapter grants, but while she is on maternity leave, please coordinate through Becky Reilly, ).


Next Chapter Council Meeting

March 11-13, 2016
San Pedro, CA

Hosted by the South Coast Chapter

Why should I attend Chapter Council?
1. You will connect with, and learn from, other CNPS members from around the state
2. You get to contribute to important decisions that impact our organization
3. Through social events and field trips, you will meet like-minded people and get to know a new area of the state - it's fun!

Hope to see you there!

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